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John and Rodney were a perfect match: the pretty man with secret depths, and the genius with an inferiority complex as large as his ego. There were so many edges and interesting things to say about how they might fit together! It was Beauty and the Beast in Space, but with the wonderful twist that John and Rodney could fit both roles, depending on how you wanted to define "beauty," and, for that matter, "beast."

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you’re stuck with me rodney, just accept it // yeah but pretty soon i won’t even know who you are - then i’ll remind you.

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allmyfansquees replied to your post: Hi, I’ve been looking for a part…

It’s ‘Never Quite What It Look Like’ at… on ao3. It’s not quite dreams - John accidentally triggers a device that Rodney messes with and then sees John’s fantasies. It’s fluffy and fun and fantastic :D


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Anonymous wrote: "The fic anon was searching for sounds as if it could be 'Never Quite What it Looks Like' by Crysothemis on ao3."

It could be. (yn)


Anonymous wrote: "Thanks for the clips you posted a link to! If people were looking for a story rec to go with it, it really reminds me of toomuchplor's story 'In the Interval'."

Maybe. Hopefully it is!


"Take care of your scientist, Major."

"Take care of your scientist, Major."



I’ve been looking for a particular story for a while now and I still can’t find it. I was hoping you (or your followers) could help?

I want to say it had ancient artifact influence — for some reason Rodney begins to experience John’s dreams, except he thinks he’s having his own sex dreams about John. There’s a point where John makes a comment about how even in his dreams Rodney is difficult or something and Rodney scoffs at him but gets distracted due to sexy times.

I can’t remember if he figures out that they’re in each other’s heads at some point, but I know that if he did he doesn’t say anything about it because hey, they’re attracted to each other and it’s not ‘real’ so why not.

Anyway, it all comes to a head when one of the dreams is a domestic scene, no sex just John telling him that they’re going curtain shopping or something and he realises that John is in love with him. 
He confronts John about it and I can’t remember much else.

Also, really love the blog, I thought I had missed the boat on this fandom (just got into it last year) but clearly not. - flipitandshipit

Okay. I spent the past few days looking for this fic, because I am 110% sure I’ve read it, but I can’t seem to find it. The two I did find were Dream A Little Dream of You and In Your Dreams. Though I don’t think either fic is right, the latter one - “In Your Dreams” - seems to fit better.

Does anyone know this fic? Save my sanity and leave a comment in the askbox if you do.