Lt. Col. Denial & Dr. Oblivious

Gay Space Idiots

John and Rodney were a perfect match: the pretty man with secret depths, and the genius with an inferiority complex as large as his ego. There were so many edges and interesting things to say about how they might fit together! It was Beauty and the Beast in Space, but with the wonderful twist that John and Rodney could fit both roles, depending on how you wanted to define "beauty," and, for that matter, "beast."

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Mckay/Sheppard - 4x01 Adrift

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McKay/Sheppard - 4x01 Adrift

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Anonymous wrote: "Can you rec some mcshep happy endings of "Vegas" fics pleeeease?? ♥"

Happy endings of Vegas? Hmmm.

If I remember correctly, Cosmic Balance by Tarlan has a happy ending, as does Highway to Nowhere by sgamadison, but I haven’t read either of them in a while, so I could be mistaken. I hope not. 


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Big fat thank you to everyone who helped with my fic search, it was found by the splendid allmylovesinoneplace 

Thank you for all the other suggestions. Even tho they weren’t the right fic, they’ll be added to my reading list

Yay! It was found :D